Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 2: Welcome to Iceland

Despite the chaotic arrival day, our 'real' trip to Iceland has been pretty impressive so far. Stepping out of the airport of Reykjavik, a chilled breeze blew gently on my face, seeming to welcome me to one of the northest countries in the world.

Reykjavik Airport
Reykjavik Airport
Our first stop in Iceland is an island called Vestmannaeyjar (3 hours ship from Reykjavik) famous for its characteristic bird called 'Puffins'. The landscape on our way to the island was gorgeous and would highly recommend geography students to visit the island and figure out the geo-features they have studied on textbooks. The house are in eastern Europe style - concrete walls, squared, lightly painted, at most two stories.
Ship to Vestmannaeyjar
Ship to Vestmannaeyjar
Then we climbed up one of the volcanoes and looked down to the small peaceful town below us. The view was spectacular, very impressive indeed.
From the mountain top
From the mountain top
Since it was Sunday, not many shops or restaurants are doing business so we went back to our hotel to have dinner - a seafood meal. This made up my first day in Iceland.
Hotel at VestmannaeyjarHotel at Vestmannaeyjar
Our seafood -mix dinner!Our seafood -mix dinner!
Note: While I'm writing this, it is 10pm but the sun is still high up. Iceland Sun!

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