Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 9: Blue Lagoon

It has been nine days of intense traveling. Droved over 1500km since the round-the-island trip began, we finally went back to where we started – Reykjavík . We drove around the town, visiting touristy places like Tjornin (the lake), Hallgrimskirkaja (the church) and along the coastline.





Bird's Eye View of Reykjavík City

Reykjavík city from above
We had one of the best lunch in Iceland in the city center in a restaurant called Geysir. They serve very nice seafood soup (with lobster, fish, scallop, etc.) and some pan-fried fish. The capital is a green, neat, well organized city with a beautiful landscape.

Icelandic Seafood Soup

Legendary Icelandic Seafood Soup

Pan-fried Cod Fish

Pan-fried Cod Fish
Leaving the capital, we traveled to the very last stop in Iceland – Blue Lagoon. The place is famous for its mineral-rich hot springs. Jumping into the 37oC water, the only thing you would want to do is to lie there and let the water bubble your skin. Silica (a kind of mineral) is well-supplied for you to put on your face as a mask. Though I don’t feel a significant difference in terms of the smoothness of my skin, the experience was interesting. Compliments to the management of the lagoon as the design of the facilities were very user-friendly, e.g. supply for plastic bags for wet items, hair dryer. (Sorry, photography is prohibited in Blue Lagoon for obvious reasons.)

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Photo credits to big-ashb
Now I’m staying at Northern Light Inn, a family-operated business, tired out. After a good night sleep, we’ll be leaving Iceland tomorrow early in the morning heading back to London.

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seopak said...

I got interested in Iceland when a saw a documentary about the use of Hydrogen as alternate fuel in the country. I always considered Iceland to be a cold place with no innovation and technology. But i was terribly wrong and Iceland is on the cutting edge of alternate fuels. Bravo Iceland.


John said...

Interesting pictures here. But u did not talk about the weather condition during the year and when is the best time to visit.


koivis said...

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Great photos!!

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Europe Traveler said...

Nice photos. Iceland is a fascinating country.

Laura said...

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Dasril Iteza said...

iceland... nice place to visit.... maybe someday i'll get there....

Angelina said...

Nice post with excellent pictures. The pictures alone would make me want to go there, because they show how much character the place has!

Michael said...

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Steven Johnson said...

You have given some amazing pictures. It seems like living images. Can you post more pictures?

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