Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 8: Horse Riding

Iceland horses are very cute and have 5 distinct gaits (步法) instead of the normal 3. And I was riding one today. In fact, it’s my first time riding a horse. I would say it is a pretty cool experience as the horse gal-lop up and down over the mountains and across the stream. But as it goes faster, it was pretty uncomfortable (because it would then turn bumpy). I wonder how the horse riders can manage to stay on the horse at such high speed. The horses are very intelligent and well trained to follow instructions (they actually remember the route).

Keith on Icelandic Horse
Me on Icelandic Horse
Icelandic Horse Close-up
Icelandic Horse Close-up
Black Sheep in Iceland Barn
Black sheep in the barn
There aren’t many scenic spots on the Western part of Iceland and therefore, the rest of the day was mainly traveling to our next hotel and heading back to Reykjavík.


Vishwas said...

Awesome photos...

Chris said...

Keith for a first time rider you did fabulous. I did it once and i must confess i had to ask for help to learn how to do it and event then i preferred a slow gallop.

Good job


Nancy said...

the horses look a little bigger than normal. How do they have 2 extra steps as compared to other horses. Please post some more photos if you have.


Jan Nordic said...

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