Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 4: Geysir, Gullfoss and Vik

The day starts with a typical continental breakfast giving us a fresh and energizing start. We picked up our 7-person car hired from Atak (which would accompany us for the coming 6 days) and left the capital (don't worry, we would be back in 6 days). Like many other countries with cross-country highways, finding our way on monotonous roads can be very difficult. Luckily, we rent a GPS device which guides you point-to-point, loud and clear. You would be impressed by its accuracy and easy-to-use. Before our first stop Geysir, we went passed the former parliament of Iceland which is also the same location where the Eurasia plate and North American plate is both found.
Iceland Former Parliament
Somewhere below me locates the former parliament of Iceland
Eurasia and North American plate
Eurasia and North American plate
Then we continued on to Geysir (間竭泉), which are the natural fountains caused by super-heating of underground water. Occasionally, hot water pillars strike up into the air 10 meters above ground right after a blue water bubble is formed at the mouth of the hole. Because the water pillars strike only every few minutes, people gather round holes holding up cameras and camcorders desperately anticipating the next strike. With my skillful photography techniques, I managed to capture the whole process in a video:

Play the video once more. This time, play it frame by frame and notice the blue water bubble formed just before it bursts out. Cool, huh?

Non-blow Geysir
This is a geysir that ... doesn't blow
Moving on, we arrived at our next attraction, Gullfoss, a waterfall. Though it is not comparable with Niagara Falls in Canada, the scene was still astonishing.
My brother and me in front of Gullfoss
And finally, we drove to Vik where stayed at a hotel for a night before we continue our journey around the island.

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