Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 6: It's Snow!

Our round-the-island journey resumed after a brief stay at Höfn where we had the closest contact with the glacier’s tongue. Ordinary motors cannot climb up the pretty inclined bumpy roads up the mountain. So we transferred to a 4WD jeep which took us all the way up to 1.3km above sea level. The journey was not comfortable at all given the rocky gravel or snowy roads.

A special note: This is my first time to touch snow in reality. Amazing! Upon arrival of the highest point you could not imagine the strength of the roaring wind. It could easily blow anyone off the ground. The white and shinny surface of the snow reflects much sunlight making it extremely irritating without sunglasses.

Keith on Snow

Me and Snow
Though it seems that there is still plenty of glacier left, the fact is that the ‘tip’ of the glacier has retreated a lot over the past 30 years. I wonder whether we could still find snow up there in another 30 years.

Retreated Glacier's Tongue

Glacier's Tongue Retreating ...
Getting down from the mountain, we had a feast at Höfn downtown in a restaurant recommended by AA Guide. With a full stomach, we proceeded north to Egilsstaðir on a not-that-well paced road. (We wanted to save time, so I switched to the “fastest route” mode in the GPS navigation device.)

Feast in Höfn

Feast in Höfn
Now I’m staying at another Edda hotel. Our next stop would be the second largest city in Iceland, Akureyri.

Keith and Edda Hotel

Edda Hotel in Egilsstaðir
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